B. Rekencentra developed an Ar-Com Network link (ANL) in order to visualize the position reports and interpret other text messages sent automatic by the Aerophone® system. The result is displayed in the Ar-Com FSD.

The satellite communication System Aerophone® provides worldwide accessible voice and data communication. Data communication, in particular the transmission of position reports and text messages, is of special concern for mission and police related tasks. Aerophone® is a single channel system and utilizes the world wide available IRIDIUM network. Aerophone® is certified through EASA according to ETSO-2C514. For fleet management Aerophone® can be used to send automatic or manual position reports. For this purpose, the SDB (Short Burst Data) service of the IRIDIUM network is used. This service can also be used to exchange any other reports or text messages between a ground center and the aircraft.