For more information you can always contact one of our major account team members. Behind these members there is a whole group of specialized and talented software engineers.

Karel Tavernier photo

Karel Tavernier

Technical Director and Sales

Karel joined B. Rekencentra in 1987. He is head of department R&D in Ranst. Karel has more than 30 years business development expertise and is the commercial lead of B. Rekencentra. 0032.3.4701402

Sylvia Tavernier photo

Sylvia Tavernier

Financial Director and HR

Sylvia joined B. Rekencentra in 1984. She is head of department F&A in Edegem, responsible for accounting and financial management and office administration. She is also responsible for accountability requirements, contracts and human resources management. 0032.3.4494589

Dirk Van Gompel photo

Dirk Van Gompel

Director Projects

Dirk joined B. Rekencentra in 1986. He is responsible for project coordination and planning, commercial and financial project management, recruitment and strategy. 0032.3.4701403

Kim De Herdt photo

Kim De Herdt

Project Leader

Kim joined B. Rekencentra in 1988. He is the project leader for all DHL development, planning and implementation. Kim coordinates the DHL operations application portfolio. 0032.3.4701404

Geert De Vrij photo

Geert De Vrij

Project Leader – Account manager

Geert joined B. Rekencentra in 2001 He is the project leader for INTERMAN development and implementation. As the Interman account manager. Geert coordinates the Interman portfolio and is the main contact for the Interman customers. 0032.3.4701407

Marc Van Hoecke photo

Marc Van Hoecke

Project Leader

Marc joined B. Rekencentra in 1992 He is the project leader and senior programmer/analyst for the German Railcompany D-BAHN. Marc has more than 15 years of experience in development and design of logistic software solutions. 0032.3.4701405

Henri Van Wesemael photo

Henri Van Wesemael


Henri joined B. Rekencentra in 1989 He has been designing and developing software for more than 30 years. He was and is involved in many research and development projects. 0032.3.4701406

Jan Tavernier photo

Jan Tavernier

Quality Assurance Engineer

Jan joined B. Rekencentra in 1991 He is responsible for writing test plans from the requirements, specifications and test strategies. His main job is to ensure that the software meets certain standards of quality. 0032.3.4701400

Gino Thys photo

Gino Thys

Oracle Development and Optimization Engineer

Gino joined B. Rekencentra in 1993 He has been designing, developing and optimizing Oracle databases for more than 15 years. At B. Rekencentra, Gino is the senior database engineer. 0032.3.4701408

Accel photo


Service provider

As of 1/12/2016, the entire B. Rekencentra ICT-environment is managed by managed services provider Accel in Edegem (Antwerp).