Whether you deal with trucks, rail and/or barges, the system allows you to track and trace your transport means and container units from pre-announce through operational handling to invoices.

Your container movement equipment, such as gantry cranes, reach stackers and straddle carriers receive commands by means of a mobile application and optimize your yard throughput while minimizing driving distances.

The administrative module greatly simplifies and accelerates your manual labor thanks to automated communication with your trading partners and the production of reports and statistics.

The graphical representation of the yard gives you an instant and real-time view of the situation and enables you to act promptly even before issues become problems.



Integrated Terminal Operating System

  • For managing multimodal inland terminals, developed to treat all types of intermodal traffic (rail-road-barge).
  • Covers all terminal activities including all handlings, yard management and container services.
  • Handles your dossiers from reservation to billing, from entrance to departure, from simple administration to real-time control, from registration of all kinds of moves till strategic management reporting.
  • Integrates via EDI with ERP and own transport logistical systems.
  • Standard solution that easily can be adapted to your needs.
  • Strong features
  • Scalable solution
  • Different modules
  • Operational benefits
  • Financial benefits
  • Management benefits


B. Rekencentra already supplied terminal solutions for: