Business case: TNT

B. Rekencentra developed a Ramp Handling System that is in use by TNT for the airport in Luik (Liege). This system is used to plan parking positions and the necessary resources needed for servicing an aircraft while it is on the ground and parked at a terminal gate or parking position. Groundhandling covers a wide variety of services for airlines delivered at an airport. It includes highly technical services such as maintenance, fuel and oil services, freight handling but also services which are essential to passengers safety and comfort, such as surface transport at the airport.

This operation involves qualified teams, with specific experience and all necessary equipment used in order to fulfill their duty on ground. This resolves in a complex resource planning tool. Resource planning of equipment and teams for services such as towing with pushback tractors, lavatory drainage, water cartage, airstart units, luggage handling, catering trucks, refueling, ground power, passenger stairs, deicing, etc…

The Ramp handling System is a graphical tool showing the exact parking positions, overlays and constraints. Resource overview with exact teams operating and operational planning with workload, necessary teams with their qualifications, necessary equipment in use and in planning.

Ramp handling system

Airline parking

Airline parking control


B. Rekencentra already supplied ramp handling solutions for: