B. Rekencentra collaborates with market-leading hardware and system software suppliers to provide integrated, turnkey solutions in a variety of vertical market segments. These software systems help our customers in dealing efficiently with the daily challenges encountered in their specific activity domain.

B. Rekencentra has amassed a vast expertise in building applications, which demonstrably lead to an increase in turnover, return on investment and competitiveness, and to a decrease in operating costs. By understanding the work processes of our customers, we help them in achieving their targets and goals.

The best way to understand what we do, is to look at what we have done for other customers, and to consider how we solved the specific problems faced by each customer. Every solution discussed on this site is a "success story" which was achieved thanks to our expertise, flexibility and high quality standards.

Custom-built software can be tailored exactly to your needs, whatever they may be. This contrasts with off-the-shelf software, which may be excellent at dealing with standard issues, but which lacks in flexibility once your workflow diverges from the standard implemented in the software package. When using off-the-shelf software, you, the customer, have to adapt your methodology to that implemented in the software. Our software, on the other hand, is designed from the start to suit and enable your specific workflow.

We build on our extensive expertise with various technologies and domains to provide value-added software systems which efficiently implement automated processes and workflow.

  • Client-server solutions, both graphical and administrative
  • Multi-tier architectures
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Enterprise application integration