Business case: WMS for DB-Fernverkehr

B. Rekencentra build a pure Warehouse Management System called PROLOG (Produktion in der Logistik) for the German Railcompany D-Bahn – DB Fernverkehr.

PROLOG is more than just a pure WMS. It offers all functions to map the complete logistics processes within a warehouse. No matter if it concerns a production bin or a distribution center, PROLOG already supports all relevant storage types and technologies in the standard system. Furthermore PROLOG has extensive management and disposition functions available that result in sustainable inventory and cost reduction from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of customers and the cooperation.

PROLOG supports automatic identification and data capture technology, such as barcode sanning, mobile computing, wireless LAN to efficiently monitor the flow of products. It controls the movement and storage of products within the warehouse and the trainwagons and process the associated transactions, including transport, receiving, putaway and picking. PROLOG is build to optimize the flow of goods between the different warehouses all over Germany and to optimize sales and delivery on demand, by the use of statistic information. This part of the WMS is done in cooperation with Frauenhofer Institute.


B. Rekencentra supplied warehousing and logistic solutions for: