Business case: TNT

  • Cargo & Express Mail ,Graphical monitoring systems for cargo transport - ULDs and bellies, passenger seat load (DC8, B727, B737, BAe146, Fokker, Airbus).
  • Production systems for cargo handling and cargo sorting - main scale and belly scale control in hubs and sub-hubs.
  • Truck transport and air feeders - trucks, dog trailers, container boxes, GI boxes, control and follow-up.
  • ULD and container tracing and stock per station, depot and repair shop.
  • Quality control of service (on-time deliveries) and volumes transported from origin to destination via hub sorting, transiting or by-passing.
  • Pre-advice messages receiving and sending through X25, proprietary networks using ASCII messages or EDI/EDIFACT.


B. Rekencentra already supplied ramp handling solutions for: